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 Octoply offers a 3D design and animation service in partnership with Design Techno for modeling engineering components and for mapping the structural elements of a building and/or vessel.

The examples shown to the right are 3D models of a warehouse unit and a river vessel, M. V. SOUND.  In the case of the warehouse unit, the model has been used to give clients a better feel for the layout of a space.  The models have been incorporated into the brochure and as an animation for fire evacuation.

The model constructed for M. V. SOUND in addition to being used in a fire evacuation animation, is the focus of the ships safety management system, incorporating a number of components including fire risk indexing, crew training, evacuation and maintenance logs.  

Architectural models of real/artificial world structures can be constructed using Google sketch-up to be then uploaded on to Google Earth. To find out more about what we can offer, please contact us on 07782502140 



3D design and animation service




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