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    T H E   G A P   B E T W E E N   H E A L T H  
A N D   S O C I A L   C A R E

Until recently, healthcare in many developing countries has focussed on an urban based, curative approach that largely targets the eradication of specific diseases. The varying success of each disease eradication program in preventing death, does not necessarily equate to a healthier outcome for the individual.

 Like with most disease management strategies, a key determinant to a successful outcome is in early diagnosis. The onset for health issues such as mental illness, cancer and certain metabolic disorders are not so clearly understood.   This means that diagnosis is often reliant on the ability for a caring individual or the individual being cared for to communicate their problem(s) to the 'health professional'.

One for sorrow, two for joy.

   B R I D G I N G   T H E    G A P

A central question in the service of care provision is whether the care being delivered can improve the quality of life for the individual in a sustainable manner. One approach currently being explored by Octoply Care (a division of Octoply) and partners is in the development of CADE (CAre DEvelopment) a common platform that serves to improve upon existing criteria for care quality while also helping to further understand the progression of complex health states. The project scope is large and involves the coordination of a number of disciplines, traditionally considered to be loosely related. They include psychology, microbial ecology, nutrition, bioinformatics and information technology. More information will be published on this site as the project develops.